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Zhongshan Road Neighbourhood Rehabilitation Project, Qingdao

Sustainable Cities and Commonwealth Historic Resource Management Ltd., prepared a neighbourhood plan for a run–down historic district of Qingdao. The Zhongshan Neighbourhood Rehabilitation Plan comprehensively covered the rehabilitation of residential buildings, balancing historic preservation with the needs of contemporary residents.

Local Government Support Program - Central Europe (LGSP-CE)

The LGSP-CE project increased the effectiveness of sub–national reforms towards the development of capable and efficient local government and their associations in the Visegrád countries. This included strengthening municipal capabilities to assume greater responsibilities for service delivery, revenue generation, and financing, strengthening municipal associations in the Visegrad countries that are capable of negotiating with the national government, and establishing processes for involving stakeholders and citizens in local government decision-making. It also fostered cooperation and skills-sharing across the region and among partners.

Energy Efficiency in Buildings in Shandong Province

Sustainable Cities brought together a consortium of experts from Canada and China to design two demonstration projects, one in Qingdao on Pingdu Road in the Zhongshan Road Neighbourhood and the other on the campus of the Shandong Institute of Architects and Engineers in Jinan.

The Qingdao project involved the design and rehabilitation of a residential courtyard. The project included the specification of appropriate energy efficiency measures and technology, the development of a software package in Chinese for modeling energy impacts of different design options and provided training workshops on the design of green buildings for architects, engineers, construction managers and planners.