SCI Energy Lab

The Energy Lab is a 3 year program that involves 10 cities from 9 different countries in a multidisciplinary forum for collaborative problem solving and innovation around the design, implementation and regulation of sustainable urban energy systems.

Innovation through adaptation

The Energy Lab is a program designed to create capacity for innovation in the development and implementation of local, sustainable energy solutions for cities. Over the past months participating cities have engaged in a series of webinars and online exchanges to build capacity on implementation of sustainable energy structures. Participating cities lead the webinars with support from the SCI resource team. Topics in these exchanges ranged from green building best practices, to successful financial mechanisms in order to accelerate local sustainable energy projects. Working groups also dealt with integrated planning questions, such as how to introduce and promote a waste to energy project to city council, or how to engage different departments in community sustainability strategies.

Participating Cities

The SCI Energy Lab worked with an initial cohort of 10 cities. Selected cities represent different conditions, regions, political contexts, and socio-economic conditions. This diversity will enrich the perspectives and provide the environment required for creative and innovative solution design. The platform includes a structured series of workshops, technical resource support, applied research and city study visits for in-depth exploration of implementation success.

Participating Cities include:

- The City of Vancouver (Canada)
- The City of Edmonton (Canada)
- The City of Los Cabos (Mexico)
- The City of Durban (South Africa)
- The City of Zagreb (Croatia)
- The Brussels Capital Region (Belgium)

Voluntary participation
- The City of Nis (Serbia)
- The City of Porto (Portugal)

  • Location: International
  • Client: City of Vancouver, City of Edmonton, City of Los Cabos, City of Durban, City of Zagreb, Brussels Capital Region, City of Nis
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