Sustainable Cities International has been a leader in urban sustainability for over 20 years working with cities, towns and regions around the globe. Our seasoned team of Facilitators and Project Managers is supplemented by practitioners from our Canadian and International Network to deliver innovative and proven expertise relevant to your requirements.

Whether it is planning the future of a whole city or implementing a smaller scale project, we can tap the most current knowledge and experience of its Sustainable Cities International Network of cities and bring the most appropriate skill set to the table.

We work with local and regional authorities to help them develop governance approaches, organizational strategies, strategic planning processes and project implementation strategies. Our Urban Sustainability Planning and Implementation services include:

Knowledge Transfer

Acting as ‘urban laboratories’, Network cities adopt technological and social innovations from each other and then adapt and implement them – making improvements to the innovation as they proceed.


SCI, through its affiliation with Simon Fraser University, conducts research in the areas of policy, engagement and implementation.

Municipal Advisory Services

SCI offers municipal advisory services that are individually tailored to the needs and context of the local government requesting the service.


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