Knowledge Transfer

For over two decades, SCI has been facilitating knowledge transfer among cities internationally on sustainability initiatives through city networks.

Cities As Urban Laboratories

Acting as ‘urban laboratories’, Network cities adopt technological and social innovations from each other and then adapt and implement them – making improvements to the innovation as they proceed. In turn, what they learn is shared with others through SCI facilitated events and exchanges. This process ensures that good practice is well understood, tested, adapted to local conditions and the new knowledge gained is robust and widely shared. This reinforcing pattern of knowledge generation and refinement results in sustainability practices being adopted in cities around the world.

Service Examples

Our specific services to facilitate knowledge transfer include:

- Set up and/or facilitation of peer-learning networks
- Facilitation of international exchange platforms
- Convening of on-line dialogues through webinars
- Design of interactive events


  • Facilitation
  • Logistics
  • Peer-Learning
  • Capacity Building
  • Srategy


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