Municipal Advisory Services

Local governments in Canada and internationally are more and more leading the implementation of policies and initiatives towards sustainability, energy efficiency and climate adaption.

The Value of Reference Points

Often, local governments are looking for support in how to engage with the public or how to communicate their strategies and initiatives within and outside their organization. Many cities also look for reference points – through network building, knowledge transfer or through personal visits to get inspired by leading examples. SCI offers municipal advisory services that are individually tailored to the needs and context of the local government requesting the service.

Service Examples

Our municipal advisory services include but are not limited to:

- Guided city tours within Metro Vancouver as a leading example for sustainability and green initiatives in North America

- Development of guiding documents for municipalities, such as:
- a District Energy Engagement Strategy
- an Infrastructure Cost Guide

- Facilitation of policy working group meetings to ensure detailed and succinct documentation of processes and results


  • Guided City Tours
  • Guiding Documents
  • Documentation Support
  • Research and Strategy


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